Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shohei Ono - Uchimata Man

Shohei Ono won the gold medal at the 2013 Rio World Championships in style -- with a big ippon from his favorite technique: uchimata.

It's not the only throw he does. He also has a very strong osoto-gari. But it's no doubt his main throw. And what an awesome one it is.

He usually takes a quick tug at his opponent and then does a quick step-in and whirls them over. It's really quite a dynamic throw. Have a look at some examples:


  1. Again, a nice item. I believe this display by Shohei Ono along with his other strong throwing arsenal makes him the modern day specimen of our ever changing culture. He is amongst a select few judoka, who are leading the way in defining new heights in-terms of 'toe to toe' style performances. His ability to stay calm and confident during brilliant attempts to over power him, is quite breathtaking, in my view!

  2. I agree and I love his judo...he was one of my favorite judoka last year. However this year his performance was extremely disappointing! What was wrong with him? He was not playing at the level we have come to expect from him..not even close! And why hasn't he been competing before the world championships for so long??