Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Van Tichelt's mid-air juji-roll

One of the dangers of a very deep drop morote-seoi-nage attempt is that the tsurite (lapel) arm is vulnerable to an armlock attack.

This can be seen in the clip below where Japan's Hiroyuki Akimoto (white) drops down deep underneath and in between Belgium's Dirk Van Tichelt (blue) legs.

Notice how the referee initially awarded Akimoto a yuko because he thought Van Tichelt had been thrown to the mat. The corner judge however, realized that Van Tichelt was actually executing a mid-air juji-gatame roll, so he waved off the yuko point for Akimoto.

Van Tichelt's roll was successful and he had Akimoto's arm straightened. But somehow was not able to induce enough pain to gain a submission.

Van Tichelt snaps on a juji-gatame in response to a morote-seoi.

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