Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stevens' flying juji

In recent posts, I've shown you flying juji attempts by the likes of France's Loic Pietri, Japan's Tomoo Torii and Russia's Vitaly Budyukin. In those examples, the attacks failed to produce an ippon although their flying leaps were impressive.

Here, I want to show you a low flying juji attempt by the USA's Travis Stevens. He actually scores ippon with this although not by juji-gatame. He ends up pinning his opponent. What an unusual way to get into a hold!

Travis Stevens scores ippon with his flying juji attempt although in the end, it was an osaekomi that did it.


  1. No disrespect but this is actually a flying ashi-sankaku gatame.

    Travis trains BJJ and in that sport this move is called omoplata. You can clearly tell that he was going for that submission, but then allowed Uke to roll out from the submission so that Travis could go into osaekomi. This motion is very known in BJJ.

    P.S: I love you blog!

  2. Interesting. Flying ashi-sankaku-gatame. Olympic champion Mark Huizinga of the Netherlands was known to occasionally do a version of the ashi-sankaku-gatame but not a flying one. He does it from the ground. Stevens is the only judoka I know of who does a flying version of it.

  3. Indeed, before your post, I have never seen a flying version of this technique. I guess the "coolness" of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is going to evolve Ne-waza in Judo, as I have heard that some Judoka cross train (Judo and BJJ), Travis being the prime example.