Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rok Draksic adjusts to new gripping rules

In my previous posting, I highlighted how South Korea's Kim Jae-Bum has found it difficult to cope with the new rules which don't allow him to grip fight as he usually does. He is one fighter who never allows his opponent to settle on a grip.

Another fighter who frantically grip fights is Slovenia's Rok Draksic who had some problems adjusting to the new rules at first (he got penalized many times for refusing to come to grips). But in the 2014 Paris Grand Slam he showed that he had adjusted well.

Here you can see him locking horns with Olympic Champion Mansur Isaev (blue), an incredibly strong gripper. Under normal circumstances, Draksic (white) would be flailing his arms all over the place, moving frantically all around, trying to deny his opponent a usable grip. Here, he decides to embrace the rules and secure a tight grip on Isaev. He still moves around rather frantically but this time with two hands on his opponent. It worked well. First he counters Isaev for yuko and then later as Isaev rushed in to get a good grip of his own, Draksic drops down and rolls Isaev into a neat ushiro-kesa-gatame pin for ippon.

Draksic (white) has learned how to cope with the new rules and is able to fight with two hands on his opponent.

His strong secure grip probably surprised Russia's Isaev.

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