Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Riki Nakaya's standing reverse seoi

In past postings, I've highlighted some standing versions of the reverse seoi. Italy's Elio Verde does his almost as a head-dive. Japan's Yuka Nishida does it more elegantly.

Here's an amazing standing version by Japan's Riki Nakaya. It doesn't score because his opponent manages to land on his front but what a throw!

Nakaya normally does his reverse seoi as a drop technique but here he does a rare standing version.

Let's see how he does it:

Nakaya, a right hander, secures a right hand lapel grip.

Next, he gets a two-on-one grip on that same lapel.

And starts rotating in an anti-clockwise direction.

Most players drop to their knees but he stays standing.

He then whirls his opponent through the air.

His opponent spins in the air to avoid conceding a score.

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