Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pietri's flying juji

You seldom see flying juji-gatames. They were first popularized by the Russians but never really caught on. It's quite a difficult technique to do and probably is considered too flashy for most to even consider attempting.

One current player who likes this technique is France's World Champion Loic Pietri. In the clip below you'll see two recent attempts by him. The first was from the 2013 Tokyo Grand Slam and the second the 2014 Paris Grand Slam.

In the first case, he managed to take his opponent down but somehow didn't manage to get the submission. In the second case, his left leg got stuck on his opponent's face so he didn't even manage to take his opponent down. Although neither attempts scored, you gotta give him credit for trying what is a very rare and difficult technique.

Although he didn't score on either attempts, they were magnificent attempts to do a spectacular technique.

The flying juji takedown failed as his left leg got stuck.

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