Monday, February 10, 2014

Kim Jae-Bum & the new gripping rules

The new IJF rules really discourage heavy grip fighting. If you refuse to come to grips with your opponent, you will get a shido. South Korea's double world champion and Olympic champion Kim Jae-Bum is an expert at grip-fighting and his style is such that he never lets his opponent settle on a grip.

This was fine before the new rules were implemented. Now, he has to adapt to the new rules and this proved to be a problem when he came up against Georgia's Avtandil Tchrikishvili in the semi-final of the -81kg division at the recent 2014 Paris Grand Slam.

In the video below you can see Kim locking horns with Tchrikishvili, who seemed comfortable switching from left to right. Eventually he threw Kim twice to win the match. Once for ura-nage and once with a hip throw. Kim was clearly not used to being forced to "lock horns", which is not his usual fighting style.

South Korea's Kim is used to heavy grip fighting but under today's new IJF rules he is forced to come to grips.

Here, Tchrikishvili adopts a left grip, in a kenka-yotsu stance.

Here, Tchrikishvili's adopts a right grip, in an ai-yotsu stance.

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