Monday, February 24, 2014

Japanese drop morote-seoi specialists: Matsuoka

1984 Olympic champion, Yoshiyuki Matsuoka, goes for an extremely low drop on both knees, when executing morote-seoi-nage. If his technique is reminiscent of Shozo Fujii's drop morote-seoi-nage, it's not surprising since her learned this technique from the master himself, Fujii.

Like Kyoto Katsuki, another drop morote-seoi-nage specialist, Matsuoka often opens up his opponents with ashi-waza. But unlike Katsuki, who prefers kouchi-gari, Matsuoka usually uses ouchi-gari to open up his opponents.

Matsuoka also oftens ends up finishing his drop morote-seoi-nage with a juji-gatame, as can be seen in the clip below.

Like his mentor, Fujii, Matsuoka also drops down very low.

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