Sunday, February 23, 2014

Japanese drop morote-seoi specialists: Katsuki

In my last post, I showcased Shozo Fujii's brilliant drop morote-seoi-nage. For today's entry, I will show you his compatriot, fellow 1979 World Champion Kyoto Katsuki's drop morote-seoi-nage.

While Fujii's other favorited technique is the tomoe-nage, Katsuki prefers the kouchi-gari, which he often scores with. Sometimes, he uses it as a threat to set up a perfect entry into drop morote-seoi-nage.

In Katsuki's first bout in the 1979 World Championships, he attacks Algeria's Benbrahim with drop morote-seoi-nage three times. The first time, he does it without a kouchi threat, and he fails to throw Benbrahim. The second time, he opens the Algerian up with a kouchi attack first, and then throws him with a drop morote-seoi. The third time, he does the same thing, attacking him first with kouchi, then coming in with a drop morote-seoi... and it works like a charm.

His morote works best with kouchi. His direct attack fails!

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