Sunday, February 2, 2014

David Larose's delayed tomoe

In my previous entry, I highlighted an unusual seoi-nage attack by France's Loic Pietri, which involved a delayed roll. Although his opponent did not fall on his side immediately, the movement was continuous so a score was awarded.

We have a similar situation with France's David Larose's tomoe-nage attack as can be seen here in his fight against Japan's Masaaki Fukuoka:

There was a time when this kind of delayed roll would not result in a score but times have changed.

Now, let's look at how Larose actually did it:

Larose's tomoe looks doomed at this point.

He maintains the pulling momentum though.

Still, Fukuoka doesn't look like he's in any danger... yet.

Larose keeps the movement going and rotates him.

Could've been waza-ari but the slow speed results in yuko.

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