Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yuya Yoshida's Reverse Seoi

Yuya Yoshida is another big man (-90kg) who does the reverse seoi. And what a smooth one he does too, much like his compatriot, Takashi Ono. Both these men prove that the reverse seoi is not exclusive to lightweights.

In this clip below, you see him executing a perfect reverse seoi against Slovakia's Milan Randl, who seems to be susceptible to reverse seoi.

Yoshida executes a perfectly-timed reverse seoi-nage that has his opponent falling flat on his back.

Let's have a look at how he does it.

Like the others, he starts with a single grip on the lapel.

And like others, he goes for a two-on-one lapel grip.

Next, he spins & drops in an counter-clockwise direction.

When his knees hit the mat, his partner is already falling.

His version is clearly an "otoshi" rather than a "nage".

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