Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yuka Nishida's standing reverse seoi

In my previous post, I highlighted Elio Verde who is unique in that he is one of the few Europeans who specializes in reverse seoi and he does it in a rare standing version.

Generally, reverse seoi is favoured by male players but Japan's Yuka Nishida proves that not only can women do it, they can do it standing as well! In the clip below you can see her amazing standing reverse seoi that's so smooth, it looks like kata!

Nishida is left-handed so she spins in a smooth clockwise motion and stays on her feet throughout!

And here is a breakdown of how she does it:
A left-hander, she secures a left-handed grip on the lapel.

Next, she secures the two-on-one grip on the same lapel.

As she is left-handed, her spin is in a clockwise rotation.

Notice how far she rotates, and how she stays on her feet.

Instead of dropping to her knees, she just bend forwards.

She does a kind of somersault to ensure a clean ippon!

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