Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wang Ki-Chun's reverse seoi

Although double-world champion Wang Ki-Chun does not specialize in the reverse seoi, like many South Korean players, he does have it within his arsenal of techniques.

His version is not so smooth like that of his compatriots Choi Min-Ho and Lee Kyu-Won but it works. In the clip below, you'll see him do his version of the reverse seoi against Russia's Mansur Isaev in the bronze medal match of the 2010 Tokyo World Championships.

Notice how Wang keeps driving forward until his partner eventually rolls over.

In this series of photos, you can see Wang's movement into the technique:

A right hander, Wang starts with a hold with his right hand.
His reaches for a two-on-one grip on his partner's lapel.
Wang spins in a counter-clockwise direction as he drops.
He continues spinning counter-clockwise & pulling down.
To get a score, Wang keeps driving & rolling his partner.

Now, let's take a close up look at his gripping and how he turns away as he drops.

He has a right hand grip, now he wants a left one too.

With a two-on-one grip, he is ready to swing into action.

He spins in a counter-clockwise motion as he drops.

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