Friday, January 10, 2014

Takashi Ono: Big man doing reverse seoi

Although the reverse seoi is mainly done by lightweights, even players in the -90kg division are known to do it.

I've already highlighted South Korea's Lee Kyu-Won, a -90kg player who does this regularly. Japan's Takashi Ono is another big man who does reverse seoi. Formerly a -90kg player, Ono is now fighting in the -100kg category.

In the clip below, you can see him do this technique with aplomb, throwing Slovakia's Milan Randl with a perfectly executed reverse seoi for ippon in the 2010 Tunis Grand Prix.

Ono proves that the reverse seoi is not the exclusive domain of lightweights.

Let's see how he does it so smoothly.

Ono starts off with a right hand grip on his partner's lapel.

His other hand comes in to secure a good grip on the lapel.

Both of his feet are off the ground as he spins into position.

When his knees hits the mat, his partner is already falling.

His strong pull causes his partner to fall back on his back.

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