Monday, January 20, 2014

Takajo's Seoi-Otoshi

Seoi-nages abound in every competition. But it's actually quite rare to see seoi-otoshi, which is often described as a cross between seoi-nage and tai-otoshi.

The difference between a seoi-nage and seoi-otoshi, of course, is that instead of "throwing" the person (nage), you drop them (otoshi).

Here's a classic seoi-otoshi executed by Japan's Tomofumi Takajo in the recent 2013 Tokyo Grand Slam.

Let's break it down:

He starts off in an ai-yotsu situation (right versus right).

For his entry, he jumps in with both feet off the ground.

When he lands, he is in a classic morote-seoi position.

His opponent tries to hop over to avoid the throw.

Takajo raises his right leg to block his opponent.

He doesn't reap but plants his foot down. It's seoi-otoshi.

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