Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shishime's double stab uchimata

These days, even if a player lands on his knees or on his front after being thrown, as long as his attacker continues to roll him, a score will be given. As long as there is no break in the movement, it's deemed to be worthy of a score, though usually not ippon.

Japan's double world junior champion Toru Shishime is an uchimata specialist. In the clip below, we see him attack his opponent with an uchimata that actually fails. His opponent is flung into the air but he lands on his front. Doesn't matter though. He keeps rolling his opponent and he achieves a yuko score for it.

Even if you land on your front, if your opponent keeps rolling you, he could get a score for it.
Let's see how Shishime does it.

In a kenka yotsu situation he readies for the attack.

His entry is to just insert his leading leg straight away.

He starts to life while rotating and pulling with his arms.

At this point it looks like his opponent is about to go over.

But somehow, he manages to end up landing on his front.

Shishime follows up by using his right leg to do the roll.

His partner is on his back but the soft landing means yuko.

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