Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pietri's delayed seoi

France's Loic Pietri likes to do seoi-nage, in various forms. Sometimes he does it as a standing version. Sometimes as a reverse version. And sometimes as a drop version.

In this particular attack, his opponent manages to land completely on his front. But Pietri keeps the momentum going and eventually rolls him over, all in a continuous motion. As a result, he scores  yuko.

Even if you fall on your front, you're not safe. If the attacker continues rolling you, he will get a score.

Let's examine Pietri's roll:

At this point, Pietri's seoi-nage attack seems to have failed.

His opponent has managed to land completely on his front.

But Pietri doesn't give up. He keeps rolling and rolling...

... until his opponent falls over and he scores a yuko!

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