Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lee Kyu-Won's reverse seoi

Since the reverse seoi-nage began life as the "Korean seoi-nage", I think it's only appropriate that I start off by featuring some Koreans who specialize in this technique.

The absolute specialist of this technique is, of course, Choi Min-Ho, but another South Korean who uses this technique a lot is Lee Kyu-Won, who won the 2009 Rotterdam World Championship -90kg division with this very technique.

In the clip below, can see him throwing Russia's Kiril Denisov in their gold medal match in Rotterdam.

Unlike Choi, who is right handed, Lee does his reverse seoi off his left hand. So, instead of spinning in an anti-clockwise direction as Choi does, Lee spins in a clockwise direction as he drops. Let's look at the following sequence to see how he does it.
Lee, who is left-handed, throws off a left hand grip.

His right hand reaches over to grab the lapel as well.

He spins in a clockwise direction as he drops down.

Notice the rotation he achieves & the strength of his grip.
Now, all has to do is pull his opponent over for a score.

It's worth taking a close-up look at his gripping, dropping, spinning and pulling action.

He has two hands on his partner's right lapel.

He spins clockwise as he drops down onto his knees.

As he spins and drops, he maintains his two-handed grip.

Notice how strong his two-on-one lapel grip is.

Now, all he does is pull down hard as he lunges forward.

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