Friday, January 10, 2014

Hiraoka: World's fastest reverse seoi man

Today, practically every member of Japanese male team does some form of reverse seoi-nage. One of the first players to really adopt this technique and make it his own was Olympic and double world silver medalist Hiroaki Hiraoka.

A very fast player in general, Hiraoka has a lightning quick reverse seoi that has to be seen in slow motion to be identified. In this clip, you can see him throwing his Mongolian opponent, Davaadorj Tumurkhuleg, who probably had no idea what he had just been thrown with.

When viewed at full speed, you can't even tell what technique he just did!

Hiraoka jumps in with both hands aiming for the left lapel.

Once he gets his grip, he drops & spins counter-clockwise.

Once he hits the ground, he has nearly spun full circle.

To finish it off, he gets off his knee & unloads his partner.

Now, let's have a close up look at Hiraoka's grip and spin movement. It's unbelievably fast.

He darts in for a two-on-one grip on the left lapel.

Without hesitation, he drops & spins at the same time.

His opponent doesn't know what is happening!

Instead of pulling & driving, Hiraoka springs off the ground.

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